We’re keeping YogCon cosy, with only 800 tickets on sale.

This way, we can build exactly the right family vibe, and ensure that everyone gets time to see their favourite content creators.

Not that YogCon is a small event. With three stages to choose from, LOADS of content creators on site and 40+ hours of content, it will be a brimming weekend with something to tickle everyone's fancy, even your Nan!


The Livestream Stage will bring all the biggest shows like Farming Sim, Hat Films Wheel of Fortune, Chilluminati & Games night live! There will also be a special YogCon episode of the Triforce podcast, a bespoke High Rollers D&D campaign, and loads more.

The Chill stage will host a variety of smaller and more mellow shows, packed out with panels, Q&As, content creation how-to sessions, and all kinds of unseen and behind-the-scenes Yogscast material.

The outdoor Yard stage will be home to quirkier shows. We’ll be cooking, we’ll be eating (by way of a MukBang), we’ll have live music and art streams, and you may even get a chance to join in!