We’re keeping YogCon cosy, with only 800 confirmed guests attending

Yogcon however, is not a small event...with 3 stages, numerous content creators in attendance and 40+ hours of on site streaming there will be something for everyone.


The Livestream Stage will bring all the biggest shows such as, Farming Sim, Hat Films Wheel of Fortune, Chilluminati & Games night live! There will also be a special YogCon episode of the Triforce podcast, a bespoke High Rollers D&D campaign, and loads more.

The Jaffa Stage will host a variety of smaller and more mellow shows, packed out with panels, Q&As, content creation workshops, and all kinds of unseen and behind-the-scenes Yogscast material.

The Outdoor Yard Stage will be home to some of the more quirky shows. Here, we’ll be eating (by way of a MukBang), we’ll have live music and art streams, and you may even get a chance to join in!

Doors will open at 12.00PM on both days and shows will run until 11.00PM on Saturday and 8.00PM on Sunday.