Schedule announcements below….

The Twitch stage can be found in Motion’s main room, also the largest room at the event, there will be entertainment right through to closing time. See below for more details.

YogCon Twitch Stage (1).png

Mini Stage (Schedule to be announced) will host a variety of smaller and more mellow shows, packed out with panels, Q&As, content creation workshops, and all kinds of unseen and behind-the-scenes Yogscast material.

Outdoor Stage (Schedule to be announced) will be home to some of the more quirky shows. Here, we’ll have live music and art streams, and you may even get a chance to join in!


Doors will open at 10.00AM on both days and shows will run until 11.00PM on Saturday and 9.00PM on Sunday.

A weekend at YogCon

A YogCon wouldn’t be very Yog at all without a variety of games to keep you captivated. We’ll have numerous areas dotted around the venue where you can play a variety of games in between the shows.

Whether you play PC or Console,  jump into a gaming zone, we’ll have loads of Yogscast approved games from a whole bunch of our developer friends for you to dive right into!

If video gaming isn't your jam, we’ve got you covered, there will be activities and games off the screen too to keep you hooked.

Bring your friends, make some new ones, play your favourite games and discover some fresh, dice-driven adventures along the way.
What’s more, High Rollers’ Mark Hulmes will be hosting a special, private Dungeons & Dragons game during YogCon that you can be part of. Places are reserved for holders of our sold out High Rollers VIP passes.

Chill with the artists and create your own T-shirt designs. Grab a bite to eat at the Yogs-themed food stands. Like cosplay? So do we! Fancy dressing up as a shark or a viking dwarf, we’re excited to see what you come up with, and might even throw some prizes in the mix if we’re extra impressed!

If you’re looking for a bit of downtime and a spot to make friends with fellow Yognau(gh)ts, you can always take a load off in the chillout zone and grab yourself a drink.

We’ll also have loads of exclusive YogCon merch available for the weekend only, and we’ll be throwing a very special Pub Quiz on the Saturday night, where you can go head to head with your favourite Yogs in a classic Yogscast style quiz!

When the evening begins, you will be spoilt for choice from the quiz to live music to keep you grinning all night.

Prepare your ears for a magical set from Hat Films and co! Following the success of their hit Jingle Jam 2018 album they will be performing live on Saturday night!

Those of you with Pub quiz tickets get the chance to stay after closing time to compete against the Yogs! With Quiz master Turps hosting, this should get heated and have you on the edge of your seat.

YogCon is taking place in one of the UK's biggest party capitals meaning there'll be plenty of pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars to go to after we close for the night!