+ Can I send you letters?

Sure! Please send any letters or parcels to: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125, Bristol, Avon, BS2 2DG, UNITED KINGDOM If you are based in the UK, we recommend sending items via Royal Mail, as this ensures that it reaches us promptly. If you are not from the UK, we recommend sending parcels with a tracking number, as international items can easily be delayed or misplaced in the mail system. Please do not send any perishables, and make sure to wrap fragile items well, as they may not survive the journey!

+ Do you offer work experience?

Unfortunately, this is something that we are not able to offer at this time.

+ I have a Shadow of Israphel question!

Are the characters NPCs or players? The characters that you see in Shadow of Israphel (SoI), are advanced AI NPC’s...only joking - they’re real people! I’m a good builder, can I help out? The people that help with the builds are close friends of Simon and Lewis. These are the only people allowed onto the SoI server. Is there any way to get onto the SoI Server? The SoI server is a closed Whitelist server of which there is no way to gain access to. When will the SoI map be downloadable? The map will be available to download once the series has completed. There are also some plans to perhaps turn it into an adventure map. When will the next SoI be released? Shadow of Israphel is not created to a schedule and is released once the quality is of a high standard. It is not cancelled.

+ Can I download your video/audio and put it on my channel?

No, that is a breach of copyright law; we are well within our rights to have it removed by Youtube and will follow up a copyright claim for its removal. If you wish to use our content, you must email contact@yogscast.com to put in a request for its use. This does not guarantee its usage and unless you have written permission from us you will not be allowed to keep the content.

+ Where can I download 'The Yogpod'?

You can download them from iTunes. If you don't use iTunes, you can get the RSS feed. Please note: Chrome users may have trouble accessing RSS feeds, due to a lack of native support. Please visit the Chrome store, then search for an extension which enables RSS feed support.

+ I want to send you some art!

Awesome! Please send it as an attachment via email to community@yogscast.com. We will take a look as soon as possible, and may feature it on our Twitter, Facebook page, or a video. Please include your name so we can properly credit you (you may also include links to art portfolios or social media accounts for credit as well). Please don’t always expect a response; we receive a large amount of emails every day and cannot always respond - but we do read every single one of them! You can also post it to us at our PO Box address. However, please note that any art sent in will be kept so make sure you’ve taken a photo of it before you send it!

Here’s the principles we follow on a daily basis. Hopefully they will help you too:

  • Use the highest quality equipment you can afford so you don’t sound too loud/quiet/distorted and your videos arent recorded at below 30 FPS.
  • Pick a niche/game that is massively popular and focus on filling gaps that appeal to that audience - e.g. achievements or boss guides.
  • Make content around something you are passionate about and enjoy! If you're going to be investing lots of time into something, you need to really enjoy it!
  • Use what you’re good at! If you’re a talented musician/builder/programmer/artist, you can carve out your own niche - e.g. parody songs, speciality mods or animations/live-drawings.

+ How did you begin?

Simon is a naturally funny person and part of Lewis’ goal was to "share him with the world." Lots of people enjoyed hearing his unique perspectives on things as they played games together - and it all started from there. Plus some World of Warcraft raiding 'guides'. We have since expanded the number of Yogscast channels to include many of our old raiding buddies from World of Warcraft, and others we picked up along the way in our gaming lives.

+ How did you get your name?

Our name came from a World of Warcraft Guild we used to be a part of - the 'Ye Olde Goone Squade' (YOGS) from the Something Awful Forums.

+ Can I ask for technical support with games/software?

We recommend that you visit the official website for the game or software you are having issues with, as we do not possess technical support knowledge.

+ Can you play my map or join my server?

Please do not email us map files as attachments. If you have game or map suggestions, please visit https://www.reddit.com/r/Yogscast/ and post them in the appropriate threads there. Regarding server visits, we’re always pressed for time, so don’t have the time to join other servers. We have had reports of server addons which allow users to import skins and usernames to impersonate us and other Minecrafters. If you see us on a server, it’s very, very, likely that it isn’t us, but instead an impersonation attempt.

+ Can I join the Yogscast?

We post any professional vacancies on websites such as LinkedIn, any job roles will likely be listed there or with agencies. If you would like to submit a speculative application you can do so by emailing a CV and application statement to contact@yogscast.com however we cannot promise to respond, as we recieve many emails every day.

+ When do you livestream?

We livestream EVERY DAY! We have various streams throughout the week, and do special event livestreams from time to time. Our Twitch page has a full rundown of our streaming schedule, and we will also announce any special streams on our Facebook & Twitter profiles. You can also follow us on Twitch.tv which tells you when we go live!

+ When’s the next Yogpod?!

YoGPoDs aren’t currently our main priority, but we do want to create more as soon as we have free time! You can listen to all the existing YoGPoDs on our specific YoGPoD channel here. If you're looking for more podcast fun, check out TRIFORCE! A new podcast with Lewis, Sips and Pyrion Flax!

+ How do you record video/audio?

We record games in 1920x1080 screen resolution at 60 frames per second (FPS) using NVidia Shadowplay. For consoles, we use Elgato 60HD capture cards. Audio is recorded using SE and Shure mics, through Allen & Heath and Focusrite ISA Pres, then post-processed using Logic Pro. Everything is then imported into Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro or After Effects and edited together to create a compressed smaller video, and then uploaded to YouTube. Our usual choice of video codec is "h.264, 2-pass VBR at 3-6mbps bitrate with audio in 128kbps 48khz AAC format".

+ Official Yogscast pages!

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No other websites, social media or Youtube channels are official unless they are linked from this site, and should not be treated as such.